Tips for sleeping on plane especially on a long flight.

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Do you always have problems when you want to sleep on plane? If yes, here are some tips! Try all the tips and choose the ones that match you most.

  1. Go to toliet before sleeping – waking up in the middle of the night for going to toliet is not a good idea. People usually need sleeping at least 6-8 hours continuously without any disturbs.
  2. Pretend that are at home – creating situation or environment as you are home; for example, I usually turn on the radio while sleeping and set the auto time to turn off it.


  1. Block out all kinds of noise – there are many ways to block all kind of noise; for example, using ear plungs, using earpiece.
  2. Block out all kinds of light – during the long flight, there will be a sign for sleeping time. Use that period to sleep because all the light will be closed and no one will disturb you. If you can still not sleep, using your eye mask is another great idea.
  3. Recline your seat – sleeping on upright seat may be a nightmare. Therefore, reclining your seat a littlie can help providing a better sleep, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t disturb people who sit behind you.
  4. Warm Blanket – on international flight, they usually have a blanket for you, because on the flight, it is usually cold. Therefore, covering yourself with warm blanket can bring better sleep.   
  5. Use a neck pillow – a neck pillow can help providing a sweet dream because your neck and also your lumbar will have a fully support.

We hope that this helps all traveler or business person while flying. If you have any tips, please share with us.

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